My Pets

Gillie's Miniatures

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These are the four legged friends who own us.

My Cats

I had two wonderful half burmese cats, Kali and Simba.  They are very friendly and love getting into my dolls houses and wrecking them!  Sadly Simba was run over at the beginning of November 1994.


In February 2005 we went to Battersea Dogs home, yes they do cats as well) and brought home our 'Battersea Brat'  She is called Darcie after Darcey Bussle the ballerina who is so tall and slender.  She is nervous of strangers but very friendly with me but actually pushed my husband out of bed.


Our dog Bobby

We also have a lovely dog called Bobby, he is now 16 years old and a bit unsteady on his legs but otherwise very fit.  Sadly Bobby died in January 2005.  Much missed



This is Rosie, Robin agreed to a third cat in a mad moment on a holiday in France in September 2005. We were staying at The Rosarie so the name seemed appropriate.  She is Maine Coon and has the longest tail I have ever seen.